The Joys of Apex

I’m currently writing a Apex blog series on my TDD framework, under the wonderful title The Joys Of Apex — take a look!

Building this site

This website was built using Gatsby. I used to use NextJs, but after building the adventure travel blog, She & Jim using Gatsby, I ultimately decided to cut my personal site over as well. Next is a very powerful tool, but the documentation leaves something to be desired and the community at Gatsby has contributed so much to its progression - it’s also quite fast. The entire migration took only a few hours between frameworks, and the quality of life improvements in developer experience and iteration have made me quite happy with the results. I blogged about the cutover from Next to Gatsby, which was met favorably within the online community.

All of the styling is hand rolled, though I can also recommend the use of Tachyons js to anyone looking to build a site using a small, complete (13 kb!!), CSS framework.


I’m a fullstack developer working across a variety of different cloud platforms, frontends and backends including:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Salesforce
  • Node.js + TypeScript
  • React.js (Gatsby / Next.js)
  • Angular (unfortunately)
  • SQL + NoSQL

With a specialty in bringing enterprise-sized companies into Salesforce, sunsetting legacy systems, and performance tuning. I’m currently in the midst of a large migration project with a client, but if you’re interested in working together, feel free to contact me, I’d love to be a part of the future success of your business.

While you can occasionally observe me dropping * from *, using reflection to create anonymous types in C#, changing the value of undefined in JS, and perhaps enjoying one-time-too-many the mega-classic Wat video, in general I can be relied upon to write clean code.

Check me out on Github!

Written by James Simone, who spent the last year traveling the world. You should follow along on his adventures!

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