That's not a spot on your monitor - it's a pimple!

The Joys Of Apex

I’m currently writing a Apex blog series on my TDD framework, under the wonderful title The Joys Of Apex — take a look!

Building this site

This website was built using Gatsby. I blogged about the cutover from Next to Gatsby, which was met favorably within the online community.

All of the styling is hand rolled, though I can also recommend the use of Tachyons js to anyone looking to build a site using a small, complete (13 kb!!), CSS framework.


I’m a fullstack developer working across a variety of different cloud platforms, frontends and backends including:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Salesforce
  • Node.js + TypeScript
  • React.js (Gatsby / Next.js)
  • Angular (unfortunately)
  • SQL + NoSQL

While you can occasionally observe me dropping * from *, using reflection to create anonymous types in C#, changing the value of undefined in JS, and perhaps enjoying one-time-too-many the mega-classic Wat video, in general I can be relied upon to write clean code.

Check me out on Github!