Hi, I’m James

James Simone (that’s me! 👋) is a climber, runner, sourdough bread baker, oats enthusiast, and software developer. He’s the self-published author of the sci-fi / fantasy novel A Good Thing Never Stops, and is in the midst of several different writing projects, including a Salesforce.com series entitled The Joys Of Apex. He switches between the third and first person on this page in particular. 😦

James Simone grew up in the NY / NJ area and got into rock climbing through his musical theater friends - a strange but ultimately fortuitous path into the outdoors that has informed his writing (both professionally and personally) ever since. James & his partner, Sheila Murray, recently moved to Colorado after an exhilerating trip through Europe & the American West in the summer of 2019.

She & Jim is not just James Simone & Sheila Murray’s adventure travel blog — it’s a catalogue of their adventures, vegan and vegetarian recipe compendium, one-stop-shop for their latest instagram posts, and more.

Written by James Simone, Lead Engineer @ Salesforce, climber, and sourdough bread baker. For more shenanigans, check out She & Jim!

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