James Simone is lucky enough to have a ton of talented friends 🤗. He’d love to call out some of their work below. Nobody asked him to do this - that’s what giving back is all about! Some produce amazing hand-made goods. Some travel the world, or the US. Some pimp my ride! All of them are worth checking out - you can view their own beautiful pieces of internet real estate by clicking / tapping on their underlined text.

Thorn Alexander

Thorn Alexander

If you aren’t familiar with Brooke’s needlepoint, you should be! Her company, Thorn Alexander, is producing amazing stitched artwork and she’s planting a tree for every piece sold. Look at those stitched mountains - tell me that doesn’t speak to you. 🌄 Doesn’t that make you want to:

  • Get the heck outside
  • Buy this amazing piece of art right this instant?!

How many young entrepreneurs do YOU know who started from the ground up in a sustainable and caring way? I mean, look at that Ruth Bader Ginsberg pattern! 👩‍⚖️

Nirvana Upfitters


Look, Jude is making people’s #vanlife dreams a reality. This guy is working like a dog to take your car and make it into a home. He just cut 16 inches off his locks (💇‍) and he still has a better ponytail than anybody! Did I mention he climbs double digits? What a dream. And … Nir-van-a? The guy puns too. Quadruple threat right here.

Little Big Van

Sean & Lauren

These are James Simone’s BFF’s, Sean and Lauren!! Damn they look good, if slightly blinded by the sun. A few months ago, Sean and Lauren hit the road, following in the footsteps of countless other dirtbags by heading West towards climbing and goodfortune. They’re out there living their best lives and getting people inspired. 🌠 They need to learn to write more and more frequently, but otherwise they’re young and golden and perfect. Good head of hair on that guy, too, though not really in Jude-territory quite yet.

K + O Photo


This is James’s v talented friend, Katie. She was the one that made my sister and brother-in-law (already stars in their own right) into absolute models on their wedding day. If you’re getting married, or you know of somebody that is, they should absolutely be getting a quote from her.

Look at all the fun stuff she does with this thing 📸!

  • Wedding pictures
  • Portraits (self and family)
  • Boudoir pictures 💁

Linked Ring

Linked Ring

Dan and Nicole are out there every day producing, frankly, jaw dropping content for a variety of outdoor brands that you should care about. In a world where you can have everything you want - which most of us just dream about - they made the difficult leap from wedding photography straight into outdoor adventure marketing because that’s what they wanted. And they did it on a shoe-string budget while working from home. Lesson learned - take a chance on your dreams. If you or your company is associated with the outdoor industry and they’re looking to bring in more customers, Dan and Nicole can help. Lastly, even their doggo has an insta - check out Barclay. Christ, what a pupper! 🐶

Written by James Simone, who spent the last year traveling the world. You should follow along on his adventures!

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